Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Pics From India

Taj Mahal - Agra

View of Taj Mahal from the Agra Fort

Taj Mahal Stonework - Agra

Bank of the River - Agra

Rural Indian River




Jantar Mantar - Jaipur

Jantar Mantar - Jaipur

Jaigarh Fort - Jaipur

Police in Jaipur

Hotel in Orcha

Gwalior Fort Detail

Gwalior Fort

Gwalior Temple

Gwalior Temple

Construction in Alwar



Due to popular demand I have decided to add a few more photos from my trip to India. This first installment is all about doors. Enjoy!

Taj Mahal Complex - Agra

Jaipur City Palace - Jaipur

Old High Court - Hansi

Gandhi Bhawan - Chandigarh

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sketches of India

The following represent hours upon hours of time spent understanding and devouring the architecture and cultural landscape of Northern India. Whether the sketch was produced while in the back of a car, traveling on horrendous roads or under the shade of a tree on a bright day or in the middle of a rainstorm; each is embedded with meaning and understanding. I have been deeply effected by what I saw and what I experienced. Hopefully those feelings and stories are demonstrated in my sketches. Enjoy!